Free xbox 360 microsoft points without having to do surveys?

Looking for web sites that give away free microsoft points and so far the only one ive come across are the one where you have to do offers or surveys to get them.
My question: Is there a way to get free Xbox 360 Microsoft Points WITHOUT having to do any offers or surveys?

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  1. Milk84 says:

    There is no such thing. If you would have searched before you asked, you would have seen the hundreds of other questions and that it’s not possible. Please don’t ask these types of questions here as they only encourage spammers. Buy them like everyone else or go without.

  2. kaiser says:

    So basically you want something for nothing.
    The sites you visited get paid and offer you things in return. of course you have to do something for them first, they aren’t in the charity business.
    I however have found that these sites are a scam. Do not expect to get something for nothing.

  3. Darkprince says:

    not possible man sorry

  4. Bob says:

    yea, google it

  5. idfgj says:

    Boy yall some hoes especially the first one. You gotta see me

  6. Trenton says:

    Not possible. Been searching for hours and all complete crap or surveys and other bs like that.

  7. Trenton says:

    Not possible. Been searching for hours and all complete crap or surveys and other bs like that.

    • BelchingStar007 says:

      Go to the xbox website and sign up for their new rewards program. There is no cost and you’ll receive points at the end of each month for using your console as you normally would. Get quick points if you have Hulu Plus or Netflix accounts. I’ve been on the rewards system for three months and raked in the equivalent of over $20 in free points total.

  8. skeleton707 says: <——– this worked for me :D

  9. erikstar9745 says:

    nope i look every day, trust me

  10. quentin santini says:

    Just go to bing and sign up for bing rewards all u have to do is search stuff and u redeem ur points for microsoft points amazon cards redbox and more

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