Does the new Xbox 360 with kinect have a blu-ray player?

I dont know whether to get the PS3 with motion or the Xbox 360 kinect?
I think the only tie breaker for me could be how well the xbox does with blu-ray movies .

McGill said “Xbox 360 doesn’t need Blu-ray

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Do you play Xbox 360 Blu-ray?

How to play Blu-ray on Xbox 360? Step by Step

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  1. Matthew says:

    The new 360 does not have a blu-ray player.

  2. Kevin C says:


  3. FireNFlames says:

    the new xbox 360 slim does not have blu ray… only HD the Ps3 has has blu ray… can play blu ray movies… and can play blu ray video games

  4. Xkinect says:

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