Does the 4gB xbox 360 come with a spot to attach the hard drive?

I just won the bk kinect xbox 360, i assume it is the 4gb one, as i doubt it would be the 250 gb one. i already have an elite, so i was wondering if the new 4gb 360 has a spot to connect the elite harddrive to it, or does it require an external harddrive like the arcade?

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  1. cs64736943 says:

    No, the new Xbox 360 Slim uses an internal hardrive and it cannot be replaced. If you have an old (non-Slim) Xbox like the Arcade, you can buy a hard drive and attach it easily.

  2. HHVHWC says:

    Hey what code did you get? The other day I got ds9btx then received a msg that i had won then right away i got one that said sorry you didn’t win. Anyways yeah the new Xbox doesn’t have it. I looked at my friends and I couldn’t find a slot. Let me know what code you got man.

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