Do you have to pay to make multiplle Gamertags for XboxLive on one Xbox?

We got a free month of XboxLive (my freind and I) and I made a Gamertag. Now he wants to play, can he make a Gamertag for free on the same Xbox with the same Xbox live?

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  1. sdboltz07 says:

    no, each gamertag is gonna cost you money. You guys can either use the same gamertag when you play online, or he’ll have to pay and create another one. You cannot have mutiple gamertags under one xbox live subscription, even if you’re using these gamertags on the same console. Me and my brother bought an xbox 360 and both of us shelled out the 50 bucks for gamertags – we have 2 separate gamertags even though its the same console. kinda sucks but thats the way it is.

    hey michael S….of course it does – what are you talking about?

  2. Qtmckinnon says:

    No you have to pay for each gametag- I’ve tried it with my brother and i but- I’m stuck with his gamertag fighting over the motto and ect! So he’ll have to pay buts it’s only like 12$ a month which could be made by working or allownace!

  3. Michael S says:

    It doesn’t cost any money to make a new Gamertag.

  4. peri says:

    Yes, you can make another Gamertag on the same Xbox, and you will get the 1 month free trial, but after the free trial is over, you have to pay for Live. I did this with my brother.

  5. colbear says:

    Yes, you’ll need to pay for each account. But if you don’t like your name and you want to change it, the cost is $ 10 so not to much.

  6. Brentt says:

    no each gamertag will cost money to hook up..the only way its free is if you make it offline

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