Differences between the Xbox 360 hard drive or no hard disk?

I’m documenting buy the Xbox 360. An information do I need in particular: If I want to just play (without going to live and do not even want to use the old Xbox games) hard drive is essential? Why the price difference (180 € against 240) is the determining factor. So if there is enough for me that I just have to play without a hard disk? Or if in the future I want to change it, I need to have to force hard drive to load games? 10 points + complete response.

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  1. gigi says:

    I have an elite sn is fantastic I recommend the pro xò cn xkè 20 gb hard drive then if I understand you feel it is essential to the hard disk ke ke I hope I was helpful snCIAOOO

  2. maestrokakashi76 says:

    no hard disk can not even save games start again …. you do ever again?if you do not want to spend too much at least buy a memory card.

  3. Giammi D says:

    then dv ank’io Giok only nn and go live in so I got into the arcade where there is a mu of 256 x I’m going out now then I trp gioki ke qnd I see and I have the full mu buy a 20gb hd seen by ke asp ke kosta 60 € opp down and now the price will change to the visa ke kosta gioki trp and to make the change is necessary nn hd Statto ps I hope to be helpful …..ah right you can give me the 10pt??xbox360 arcade w

  4. seifer says:

    No and no ‘fundamental xche … if you buy the most’ low price has a memory card and hard drive .. ‘s just a memory more’ big picture to save film music and games will be released in November xche an update that saving games on xbox .. and and ‘deadly .. xche you can save a game and then sell it if you want .. hello ..

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