can you jtag the xbox 360 slim 4 gb version?

alright i want a new xbox 360 slim but
i dont really want to lose my jtag or xex free ware hack loader
so is it possible to jtag a 360 slim 4 gb if so can you give me a tutorial

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  1. Jacob Hopkins says:

    if you keep ur old 360, connect the slim to wifi, and the old 360 to ethernet/wifi, and do a system link, and play with the hacks for about 5 minutes, and they transfer to the slim as infection, and if u chose a usb as save device, it saves onto the usb, just turn off wen done, do not exit normally if u use usb, and if u dont, dont exit to any menu or else ur screwed and have to do it again, hope i helped

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