Can connect a Kinect Sensor on an White Xbox 360 60gb/pro?

Don’t know if i should buy the new Xbox (with Kinect ready) so i was wondering if i can just buy a Kinect Sensor and connect it in my Xbox and will it work?

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  1. says:

    It works with all xbox 360′s, but you will need to buy a seperate power supply if your using it on an older model.

  2. Walter G says:

    Yes you can, but:

    1) Just in case, you need to make sure yo uhave done the latest system update to the dashboard (the one that came up a few days ago, and pops up when you connect to Xbox Live)

    2) You need a separate power supply for the Kinect Sensor. this is starting to be sold now. You don’t need this is you get a new Slim model.

  3. opurt says:

    You can. There’s nothing you need to buy other than the Kinect sensor package — it includes everything you need to hook it up to either the new or original style 360 consoles, including the proper power adapter. You do need the latest dashboard update, too.

  4. Brandell says:

    Can u also connect it to a wii console?

  5. GunReady says:

    No Brandell it called the xbox kinect u fucking retard

    • Muscleman says:

      GunReady. There is no reason for such a reply, I have a daughter that is mentally handicapped, she was born that way, what if you were born that way, would you like people using the word retard in the manner you are using it ??? I don’t think so! The timing on a car can also be retarded which actually means slow, yes my daughter may be a little slow at some things but she is a lot smarter than the average person in many other ways.

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