Can BlockBuster repair xbox 360 game?

My Xbox 360 just scratched my mw2 and i was just wondering if i can bring it in to block busters and have them fix it. Can u please tell me how much i am going to pay and will my xbox game will work or no?

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  1. Sergio Cosman says:

    I’m not sure about blockbuster, but I know some pawn shops and Gamespot do it for free.

  2. 1stmarine says:

    If you have a Family Video rental store they repair games, not sure about blockbuster.

  3. Sammy Slammah Jammah says:

    No, I don’t think BlockBuster can fix it. Just search around in your town for a local gaming store, they’ll fix it for really cheap. I messed up my MW2 disc, then went to a disc cleaner, and got it fixed for $ 1.06. It was awesome, worked perfectly and still does today.

  4. Grant Radke says:

    I don’t believe that blockbuster WOULD do it though they probably could I know that Play’n'Trade Games’ stores are becoming more common and they can fix the game i believe. They offered to fix mine when i turned it back but, it may have been because I bought the game there!

  5. jeffmmar says:

    The ones near me don’t but will fix it for a few bucks. They guarantee their work too.

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