Can a 4.7 GB Disc Burn a Xbox 360 Game ?

I downloaded Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and i wanted to burn it on a disc so i could play it. is a 4.7 GB disc enough space to hold the game ? I Dont think it is, but it never hurts to make sure. Thanks ! =)

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  1. jak says:

    my mw2 game broke due two microsoft’s flaw in its case’s design. so if you find a way to get a disc like that for free please help me out to do it too. thanks

  2. Marc S says:

    I remember reading somewhere that an 8gb disc is ideal, but i can’t seem to recall where, sorry.

  3. Lunch in a Bag says:

    It’s probably enough. Modern Warfare 2 is something like 1 gig, so it’ll hold it. I’m not sure if you can burn a game to a disc then play it on an Xbox 360, though.

  4. dirtypirate says:

    if ur xbox360 has had the jtag treatment it can do all kinds of magical things like that,read the raw files directly from a usb stick instead of requiring the bloated 7.29gb image which actually only contains half that in data files,some games are less than 500mb even,very very illegal tho and if u get busted on live with it ive heard microsoft can blow certain efuses on a jtag box rendering it useless,plus u wont go 2 heaven cause ur a dirty pirate and itll be all ur fault if tiny timmy dies this chrissy from starvation cause his game designer daddy got robbed to bankrupcy,poor tiny timmy

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