Daily Deals: Sunset Overdrive, PS4 With Free Bloodborne, Batman Arkham Knight Bundle

Sunset Overdrive is $ 40 Sunset Overdrive scored a 9 out of 10 when we reviewed and it recently snagged the number two spot on our list of the best Xbox One games. Right now Amazon is selling copies for $ 40. The cheapest I’ve ever seen it go for was $ 35 back on […]

This Week’s Deals With Gold Are…

This week’s Deals With Gold features a number of noteworthy discounts for Xbox One users, including a 50 percent price slash on Bioware’s fantasy role-playing game Dragon Age: Inquisition. As detailed by Major Nelson, Xbox One titles that are half off include Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Ultimate Evil Edition, as well as FIFA 15. […]

What Halo 5′s Release Date and New Trailers Mean

DOWNLOAD PODCAST UNLOCKED EPISODE 189 The weekend gave us not one but two Halo 5: Guardians trailers, and you needed to see both of them in order for your mind to be fully and properly blown. We dissect what each trailer’s version of the truth means, and we talk at length about Halo 5′s surprising October release […]

Destiny Gets New Crucible Mode Inferno Clash This Week

Destiny’s Inferno mode is returning to player-versus-player Crucible this week as a Clash Variant from Tuesday, March 31 11:00 a.m. PT. Debuting as Control variant in Crucible last month, the new Inferno mode increases the difficulty of team deathmatch game mode Clash by restricting some of its features. Crucible designer Jeremiah Pieschl explains the challenges […]

Mortal Kombat X Will Let You Sample DLC Characters

You’ll be able to try downloadable Mortal Kombat characters in special Towers without purchasing them, according to series director Ed Boon. Boon told AngryJoe that one of the special Tower types would give players a chance to sample DLC characters, as long as they log in and try the fighter during the event’s duration. As […]

Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon Officially Coming to PlayStation

Bioware has revealed that Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon will soon be making its way to other platforms. According to the game’s official Twitter account, the DLC will be coming to Playstation 4, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 sometime in May. Jaws of Hakkon was released as a timed-exclusive for Xbox One and […]

Denial Victorious in Call of Duty Championship 2015 Grand Final

Denial eSports fought against Team Revenge to claim the Call of Duty Championship 2015 title and the first prize of US$ 400,000 over the weekend in downtown Los Angeles. On the tournament’s’ second day, favourites Optic Gaming lost to Denial and then Faze Red, who also toppled another favorite Team Envy. Denial, Faze Red and […]

Black Tusk Posts Gears of War Teaser

Black Tusk Studios, the first-party Microsoft developer currently working on the next entry in the Gears of War franchise, posted a teaser image of its motion capture set. The photo, which surfaced in a tweet by Black Tusk’s Jack Felling, showcases an actor holding one of the game’s imposing firearms. Last day of the shoot… […]

Do Games Have an Obligation to Go Beyond Entertainment?

Welcome back to Game Scoop!, IGN’s weekly video game talk show. We start with a big topic this week: Do video games have an obligation to reach beyond mere entertainment? After that we consider a Nintendo and Apple team up, discuss whether or not we like our protagonists silent, and run down the worst games […]

Mortal Kombat X Custom Costume Revealed

NetherRealm Studios has announced a day one custom skin for Raiden in its upcoming fighting game Mortal Kombat X. The studio revealed the news during today’s live Twitch stream. In order to get the skin, you must be a member of the WB Play customer rewards service. Check out Raiden’s custom costume below. Just yesterday, […]

Mortal Kombat X Liu Kang Variations Detailed

During today’s live Mortal Kombat X stream, recently-revealed fighter Liu Kang’s variations were shown off. Dragon’s Fire, Flame Fist, and Duality variations were shown. Liu Kang’s Dragon’s Fire variation was described as being close to the Liu Kang players are familiar with. Perhaps his most recognizable move is his bicycle kick. The Flame Fist variant […]

Who is the Greatest Fictional Team of All Time?

Welcome back to IGN’s Super Team Tournament 64! With your help, we’re now much closer to determining the greatest fictional team in history. After the tournament’s explosive opening and this week’s super brutal Round 2 we’ve seen several high-profile teams knocked out of contention, including The Fellowship of the Ring, The Autobots, and the Ghostbosters. The picks aren’t […]