Daily Deals: Sunset Overdrive Is Free for a Day, $20 Off Destiny, $170 Off a 27-Inch IPS Display

Sunset Overdrive will be free for 24 hours Starting at midnight tonight, eastern time. Hope you didn’t have any plans for Saturday. I’d recommend getting the download started before you go to bed, it’s 23.17 GB. Get PlayStation 4 with a $ 50 Walmart gift card Continue reading… IGN Xbox 360 Articles

Gearbox Talks Telltale’s Upcoming Tales from the Borderlands

Telltale Games has released a video giving a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Tales from the Borderlands game. Speaking to Borderlands creators and staff Matt Armstrong, Anthony Burch, James Lopez, and Randy Pitchford, the video shows as-of-yet unseen footage from the game while giving a glimpse into the process of adapting the first-person shooter into […]

Destiny Update is Bungie’s “Biggest Yet”

In a lengthy update this week, Destiny developer Bungie has detailed a slew of new tweaks and improvements to the sci-fi shooter – including confirmation that in preparation for upcoming DLC content, The Dark Below, the update requires over two gigs of space. “Update 1.0.3 was our biggest yet”, writes the developer this week. ”We hit every […]

The Game of Thrones Story You Won’t See in Telltale’s Game

Telltale Games episodic Game of Thrones series almost included a prominent storyline that would have fans drooling to explore, yet the developer refrained from telling Robert’s Rebellion as it ultimately felt it was author George R.R. Martin’s story to tell. Set 17 years before the television series, Robert’s Rebellion was a year long civil war […]

Building the Best and Worst Possible Dragon Age Timelines

Bad news: because the Dragon Age franchise has jumped console generations, you can’t import your save from Dragon Age: Origins or Dragon Age 2 directly into Dragon Age: Inquisition. Good news: Bioware has made a totally rad browser-based tool called the Dragon Age Keep that lets you recreate those hundreds of choices, and the Keep […]

Ubisoft Eyes Marketing Key Franchises to Kids

Ubisoft wants to expand the reach of Assassin’s Creed and other major brands to a larger audience. The publisher is specifically targeting children, and has already started working with other companies to create companion items that will help further brand awareness for their different franchises. At a financial conference in Toronto, International Brand Manager Yannick […]

New Content Rides its Way to Trials Fusion

New content is out for Trials Fusion. Out today, the free update introduces Teams, whereby players can team up against rival riders. Every Team can have up to 50 members, each of whom is represented by a name and an emblem. Furthermore, Teams will be able to race one another in private games once the […]

Battlefield 5 Will Once Again be Military-Themed

Despite the upcoming Battlefield Hardline focusing on cops-and-robbers, Battlefield 5 will once again see us in a military setting. That’s according to EA CFO Blake Jorgensen made the comment at the 2014 UBS Global Technology Conference (via Gamespot), where he revealed he’s already seen the game and thinks it’s a “fun, new Battlefield.” “That will be […]

Video Game Death Animations You Love To Watch

Everyone eventually dies in a video game. Whether it’s getting your head cut off or crying on the ground, video games have shown us many different ways you can die in a game. We asked the IGN community to send us their favorite death animations of all-time. WARNING: Some gifs are intense @IGN Lara being […]

Podcast Unlocked Episode 171: Dreaming of Half-Life 3

DOWNLOAD PODCAST UNLOCKED EPISODE 171 As Ryan’s old friend and podcasting partner Dan Amrich sits in to discuss Rocksmith 2014 for Xbox One (which Dan now works on), the crew discusses their thoughts on Xbox One’s first birthday and the big Microsoft giveaway that goes with it. Plus: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s campaign, Dumb […]

Defiance Available Free to Play on Xbox 360

Defiance is now available to play for free on Xbox 360. Those who download the free version of the game on 360 will have instant access to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley storylines, as well as the Season 2 follow-up Aftermath update coming next week. Players who originally purchased the game upon release will […]

Ubisoft Details What Issues Are Affecting Far Cry 4

Ubisoft has updated its blog to detail what issues are currently affecting Far Cry 4. The post reveals PC crashes, PS3 corruption and issues with redeeming pre-order codes are the primary issues right now: “1) PC Crashes: Some players have been reporting problems loading the game that result in a crash that manifests as a black […]