Uncover the Secrets of Mortal Kombat X and Street Fighter V

2015 is primed to be a huge year for fighting games, with new numbered entries coming for both Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Fight fans like you and I are eating up every little scrap of info we can get our hands and eyes on, and with every new gameplay trailer or character reveal comes […]

Daily Deals: PS4 With Six Months of Plus and Free Game, Buy One Get One Ubisoft Games, $40 Xbox Live

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Mortal Kombat X #3 Review

The fighting game genre is about as direct and straightforward as you can get. Two characters enter a ring, and only one leaves. With that in mind, it’s always fascinating to see the complex mythologies and character histories that build up around these franchises. As large as the mythology and cast of characters driving the […]

Destiny: Bungie’s Listening To You

Download Fireteam Chat Here This week Jose is out again so Fran Mirabella III joins Destin Legarie and Laced up Lauren as they discuss the app that allows you to switch items between characters using your phone, the multiplayer adjustments, the leaked social area on the Reef and their 3 wishes for Destiny. What did […]

Meet Dark Souls 2′s New Invader, the Forlorn

A new video from Bandai Namco shows off the “Forlorn,” a new invader coming to Dark Souls II with Scholar of the First Sin. Like other evil invaders, the Forlorn glows a threatening red as he invades your game. In the video above, he has no qualms about teaming up with other enemies to outnumber […]

Battlefield Hardline Premium Details Leaked

EA is planning four separate expansion packs for its upcoming shooter Battlefield Hardline. The details were leaked when a recent image of promotionl material surfaced on Reddit, detailing Hardline’s future DLC and Premium-exclusive content. Premium members will have two-week early access to the expansion packs at a discount, as well as 12 additional battlepacks and […]

Microsoft Reddit Account Will Answer Your Xbox Questions

Reddit users will soon be able to get official support for their Xbox troubles without needing to leave reddit. An official account has been set up to provide customer support for Xbox users. On the Xbox One subreddit, mod Rlight posted a welcome to user Xbox_Support. ”This wonderful group has joined us from @XboxSupport on Twitter,” Rlight explained in […]

IGN AU Pubcast 111: Round the Twist

Did you hear the report that the new Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man may not be white? The source of the report says he’s 95 per cent sure of it, in fact. We can neither confirm nor deny this recent rumour, but we can 100 per cent confirm that the new Spider-Man will not be Australian. […]

Mortal Kombat Co-Creator Teases MKX Character Reveal Tomorrow

A new Mortal Kombat X fighter reveal was teased for tomorrow, Feb 27, and thanks to the game’s creative director, we have an idea about who it could be. At the end of Netherrealm’s recent livestream (in which they revealed brutalities are coming back), we were told a character reveal is coming “very soon.” Soon […]

New Crucible Multiplayer Mode Coming to Destiny

In its weekly update today, Bungie revealed a new type of Crucible game mode coming March 3. Called Inferno playlists, senior designer Leif Johansen revealed that the first mode will be Inferno Control. Johansen said that it will be  a PVP experience “that’s more about basic gunplay,” and achieving “more with less.” He goes on to […]

Capcom and Sega Join Forces for Worlds Unite Comic

Update: We’ve added the fourth and final teaser image that reveals the entire cast of this epic Sega/Capcom crossover. Last year, Archie Comics announced that they were planning another crossover between their Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog comics in 2015. The big twist with Worlds Unite is that the traditional Mega Man and Sonic […]

Necromorphs May Appear in Battlefield Hardline

During a live Q&A session on Twitter, Visceral Games’ Ian Milham revealed that several Dead Space easter eggs will be featured in the upcoming Battlefield Hardline. “So many. Some obvious, some deep,” Milham said in response to a question asking whether or not there would be Isaac Clarke and Dead Space easter eggs hidden within […]